Welcome to Yawns.com end of services information.

End of Hosting Services

Since 1999 we have been providing quality, high performance hosting services. We were building 'The Cloud' long before it became known as such.

With modern, free services such as Gmail, Outlook/Hotmail and iCloud it is technically and financially no longer feasible to compete with such services.

Therefore as of 28th February 2018, Yawns.com will no longer be offering domain name, email or web hosting services.

You will need to make alternative arrangements, especially if you wish to retain your domain name.

We will assist with any transfers and would like to thank you for your business over the years.

Your Options

We have given a few ideas below that may assist you selecting another service.

Use a free email service

If you don't specifically need your domain or webspace (for instance www.yawns.com) you could simply move to using a free email service. Examples are Microsoft's Outlook/Hotmail, Google's Gmail, Apple's iCloud or others.

Simply register for a service then send out an email to your contacts advising your new address.

Work with your IT Specialist

Speak with your usual IT Specialist and ask them for advice and recommendations. They will often have excellent advice.

If necessary, pass on our email address and we will assist them.

Use 1&1 Hosted Services

We have used services from 1&1 Internet for a long time. They offer personal plans for email and web-hosting that are cost effective.

Simply register for one of their services and say you have an existing domain name. They will handle the transfer and billing for you.

1&1 will contact us and we will assist with the transfer on your behalf

Visit 1and1.co.uk for more information

Use Microsoft Office 365

For customers with more than a few accounts, then we recommend the use of Microsoft Office 365

This offers industry standard web, file and email services along with a host of other features along with up to date versions of Office.

Visit Office.com for more information.

Get in touch

Please contact us via email if you have any queries.